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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Showing love with a homemade Valentine's Day craft

Guest post written by Zach Adams

My kids are at the age when they think that they have to help me with everything. I'm not exactly looking forward to them growing out of it, but it can be a little overwhelming to get help with every single little thing! They were determined to help me make something for their mom for Valentine's Day, so I decided to let them.

But I had been planning to buy something for her, so I had to do research on a good craft to make. When I was online looking that up, I ran across some info on debt counseling and decided to bookmark it for later. Our family has been having some financial issues so I think we're going to talk about using that.

I did finally find a homemade Valentines craft that I though would be perfect for us, decorating a picture frame and framing a picture of the kids in it. It wasn't too hard, but we did kind of make a mess with the glue. She loved it when we gave it to her this weekend and already put it on her desk at work.