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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Preparing Your Home For a Big Gathering

Big gathering of your big family at your own home can be a disaster with so many people at once. So better yet prepare your house and avoid mishaps and disasters.

First, if you have fiery candles delightfully glowing on your table, it might turn into a disaster when someone would accidentally knocks them down onto the linen tablecloth.
Never sit a candle directly on a flammable material. Be sure your candles' wicks are trimmed to 1/4 inch before lighting and put it out when there are 2 inches of wax left.

Cooking food, like turkey for example can create smoke that starts pouring out of the oven while cooking.
Clean oven thoroughly at least a day before the meal. When broiling, keep food at least 2-3 inches from the flame and place a sheet pan undeneath to catch drippings that could smoke.

Having a lot of guest can also mean a busy bath as well! Avoid your toilet being clogged that can cause overflowing and water damage to the ceiling below.
Flush a natural enzyme down the drain regularly to keep it clear. You can avert an overflow by closing the water valve and using a plunger at the first sign of a slow drain.

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