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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who Loves Scrapbooking?

I am sure you are aware about how many love scrapbooking. But I am not talking about digital...I am talking about handmade scrapbooking!
Do you love handmade scrapbooking? It's a great hobby for many.
So, here are some tips that would help you become better at it ;).

All around the world, scrapbooking is mostly common and popular. Products related to the hobby can be found just about anywhere. Locally made albums such as for instance albums made of elephant dung in Africa, banana leaves in Thailand or papyrus in Egypt can be great souvenirs and will also add a special touch to your travel themed scrapbook.
Handmade papers are another great shopping find that can be used in your scrapbooks.

Save those ticket stubs, napkins from your fave restaurant or that label from your favorite local beverage. You can bring with you a Manila envelope or a ziplock bag when you travel and put all your paper scraps, attraction admission buttons, labels, business cards and other "souvenirs" including such fun items like flattenned pennies and colorful drink umbrellas. All of these items can help the story of your vacation when presented on your scrapbook pages.

Don't forget the details which can make a vacation memorable. In addition to photographing the main tourist attractions and your family, don't forget to capture these small but essential elements.

Always carry a small notebook in which you can jot down dates, time, names and any other special anecdotes or stories that you want to remember. They all especially come in handy when journaling.

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