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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cool Invitation Cards

How I wish I had discovered this site online earlier before I and my husband went for a two-week vacation in the Philippines last month!

We considered our vacation a big event with our family there, because we had three big events that we celebrated, - all family events!

Two nieces and a nephew graduated from one school at the same time was super fun to watch, then a cousin of mine got married, while another member of our family had a birthday. All we did the entire time was eat and celebrate! lol.

So, I was thinking I should have just ordered various invitations online so we didn't have to waste our time inviting people by calling them and all...{sigh!}. If you could just imagine the hassles of inviting family relatives by just going from house to house? Well, I happened to have a big family in the Philippines!
It would be a lesson learned. I should know where to order and get my invitations as well as what to recommend to friends and families who will be having occasions next time we go back for a vacation!

I surely agree to the fact that ordering invitations online is much much better than buying ready-made invitation cards in the store. I still prefer customizing it, - designs, colors, styles and the message! Besides, I consider it more unique having it that way, and in the Philippines, it is a rare thing to have party invitations customized because most people are used to buying ready-made party invitations at the stores!
The fact that it would also be affordable, I can save more and I can say they are proudly Made in the USA! ;) I know they would love that.

Thanks for letting me know about your service. I love your designs too!
Hhhhmmm...another nephew of mine is graduating next year, yey! There is a reason for us to go back and once again be with the family for our nephew's graduation. Something to look forward exciting!