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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Show Your Feet Some Love!

We women do sometimes neglect caring our feet maybe because "foot care" has less-than-sexy connotations. But did you know that those stilettos can make your feet hurt like hell for a reason?
An inch of heels can increase the pressure on your feet by 22%. Two inches can add up to 57% and 3 inches can add up to 76% which mean that those pressures make those toes crammed into a tight area. Long term results can be very unslutry bunions or clawlike hammertoes!
Another bad effects would cause calf muscles to clench up and eventually tighten making it hard to walk normally even on days you will wear flats.

In order to have a happy feet, try the following tips ;).

Try not to stand or walk with heels higher than 2 inches for more than 4 hours straight! If you happen to be wearing one for a night, just be sure to ice your feet when you get home to prevent any swelling or pain.

Do your shoe shopping in the afternoon since feet tend to be at its most swollen size at the end of the day.

Use orthopedic inserts into your flats for extra arch cushioning.

Always maintain a healthy weight since every pound you gain means extra weight of pressure in your ankle region.

Try massaging your arches by rolling your feet over a tennis ball for a few minutes daily.
Stretch your ankle and calf by extending your knee, then place a towel around the ball of your foot and pull toes toward you.

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