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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Treating Skin Redness

Are you experiencing redness during the winter? Dry air and chilly temperatures are the main culprits. The flushing is usually temporary but it can linger if it is due to irritation.

A simple solution is to treat the temporary flushing with a cold compress. Soak a washcloth in ice water or cold milk - if your skin is irritated due to cold wind. Then leave it on for a few minutes. Put a dab of Aquaphor unto your chafed, dry skin right after.

Skin is mostly irritated by laundry detergents, itchy fabrics or even skin care ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids and retinol. Try using a rich moisturizer with ceramide, niacinamide or glycerin that can protect the skin barrier. Put it on your skin after shower and after cleansing at night.

If redness persists, a dermatologist can tell you whether you need potent antibiotics or just light treatments.

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