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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back From The Cruise And Another Struggle!

Just barely a day after we were back from our cruise last Monday, my mom-in law were brought to the hospital for chest pains. {sigh!} I don't know...but since her son died 2 weeks ago, she was starting to get all sorts of problems, from being easily irritated, annoyed to panic attacks to all types of pains. She would also worry a lot about people around her and for herself probably??

It should be understandable..she is 88 years old and sooner or later, she can "give in". Although we are still praying that it should NOT be at this time yet...we feel we are not yet ready for her if ever she will leave us :(.

I am praying for my husband because this is an extra "run around" for him at the midst of his busy schedules at work. I felt I can't do anything because I am not driving yet! :(.
I have to be sure that I'll let him feel my support and prayers for him and for mom. It's a struggle for both of us...our life routines had both been changed instantly because of this.