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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Protecting Your Property Value This Summer

Spotting troubles on your house at an early stage can save you a lot of money before repairs get too much! So, why not do a scan or ocular assessment on your rooftop for any cracks, loose or missing shingles. It's one of the best way to spot any troubles early and make early repairs.

Be sure that water from your sprinkler system doesn't reach your home or deck which can cause the wood to rot easily.

Soil surrounding the house should slope down from the walls so that rainwater runs away from your foundation. Saturated soil around the foundation can also lead to rot and mold within the walls.

Clean your hot-water heater tank for any residue and other crud that collects at the bottom. This decreases the heater's efficiency. So before draining the tank (at least once a year), cut the power first, then change the sediment filter once a year as well if needed.

Watch out for termites and carpenter ants during summer. Look out on the foundation of your windows and walls for signs, including mud tubes, piles of sawdust, small holes in the wood or highway of ants. If you spot any of those, call your bug expert guy!

Prep your wood deck for a season of damaging sun and rain. Clean it thoroughly and wait for a day or 2 to apply a semitransparent stain. This can save you from shelling out $10,000 for a new wood deck, For a can of stain, it can cost you $35 that can already cover 300 square feet.