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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Things You Have To Know About The Price of Bedbugs

Bedbugs seem to be spreading in wider territories theaters, restaurants, hotels, apartments, offices and even inside your own home!
Watch out if you are a frequent traveler because hotels and inns are the ones which seemed to have been hit hard.

If you get worried that you think your home is at risk, you might want to consider buying Climbup Interceptors (available at and you can place those plastic moats under the legs of your furniture.
Consider mattress and box spring covers as well which you can buy online.

Early detection is the key. You pay for less if you detect them early. Unless you live in an apartment building where bugs have been found, you might need a $200-$300 inspection by a big-sniffling dog!
Check your bed - behind the headboard, inside plastic corners of your box spring, mattress seams or piping regularly. If you are tipped of by bites, that is obvious!

Try washing infested items or spot- treating them with a hot blow dryer or steam cleaner. Also, consider buying over the counter sprays that are not too harsh for your health. Although all natural sprays haven't yet shown to be effective according to a research.

Bottom line is; -a DIY remedy would become more costly in the long run if calling for a pro is delayed. It is always best to start with a licensed pest control expert with bedbug experience.

Ask several pros how much they charge (by room, by square footage) and what techniques do they use. Most pest pros use combined treatments such as heating and freezing and pesticides. They are 20-30% more expensive than other treatments but worth it.

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