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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Smarter Ways To Deal With Headaches

Almost 80% of people get migraines due to stress. ( I get it too!). Stress causes you to clench your jaw or neck muscles that ca cause neck pain that causes tension headaches.
If your headache is often caused by a stress, a meditation, deep breathing, massage or yoga can help.

For women, migraines can also caused by hormonal fluctuations usually during or before their period, pregnancy, during perimenopause or menopause.
Some OTC (over the counter) nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID) such as ibuprofen or naproxen can help. Take at least 2 days before you expect your period when the headache is likely to happen. If you're pregnant, always ask your doctor what's best for a pain-relief management.

Weather changes can also trigger migraines, usually when temperatures are high. It may lead to sinus headaches too when there is a shift in the density of the air in the atmosphere.
Avoid headache triggers during hot days, and always have NSAID available on hand.

Lack of sleep can cause you headache. If you have insomnia, it will cause you to have low levels of the serotonin hormone which causes blood vessels in your brain to dilate and activate the trigeminal nerve, leading to inflammation and the release of pain-causing chemicals.
Go to bed and get a regular sleep routine, cut down on caffeine, and exercise regularly.

You smelled a bad perfume or scent, which can cause trigeminal nerve that is present in the linings of your nose, which can cause the nerve to release substances involved in causing headaches.
Avoid strong scents/perfumes that irritates you.

Avoid foods that contain amino acid tyramine such as red wine and aged cheeses, hotdogs, deli cold cuts and other processed meats, and chocolate.
These all can cause blood vessels to constrict and expand causing migraines.
Skipping meals can trigger migraines too! It's because your brain is hypersensitive to fluctuations in blood sugar.
Eat on a regular schedule and include high protein foods in your meals to help you keep satiated and maintain blood sugar levels. Drink plenty of water as well. Take note those food that give you headache and avoid eating them.