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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ease Your Stress!

Chronic stress can make you at risk for many illnesses like hypertension and more. But there are certain tricks you can do to take the edge off...

Take a long, easy breath to signal your body that it's time to unwind. Avoid reacting to mental pressures which can increase stress making it harder for you to come up with a plan.
It also helps if you keep a journal of your tasks for one work week. Focusing on your to-do's will help you devise solutions.

It helps to delegate equal chores to your partner rather than doing it all alone yourself. Negotiate a division of labor that includes "me" "him" and a few "we" chores. Doing tasks together builds your bond, which is a great stress reducer.

Call your creditors when your bills pile up and explain your situation rather than getting worried and being fearsome that they will track you down or cancel your credit cards. You may also discover options for paying your debts off on a slower schedule.

A "mom's day out" can help remove yourself from the chaos. Talk to your kids in a low, calm voice so you feel in control. Yelling can only fan the flames of riled-up kids. Kids can often act out that can cause you stress because they are either hungry, tired, or bored. So, give them a healthy snack, nap or fun board game which can help keep the crew calm.