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Friday, July 13, 2012

Finding The Best Filter For Your Home

You can save money by regularly replacing your filter to keep your system working efficiently. To find the best one, check the following guide basing on my reads ;). Pay special attention to the minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). The higher the number, the better.

Type: Panel
Material: made of fiberglass or polyester in a cardboard frame
MERV rating: 3
Cost: $1-3.
Durability: should be replaced every 30 days
Although they are inexpensive, the flimsy filters do little more than protect your furnace from dust.

Type: Washable
Material: made of polyester in an aluminum or ridged poly-ethylene frame.
MERV rating: 5-7
Cost: $30-110
Durability: If cleaned every month, will last up to 5 years.
Convenient and less wasteful than buying new, but generally not as good as pleated options.

Type: Pleated
Material: made of folded cotton polyester in a cardboard frame.
MERV rating: 5-8
Cost: $3-7
Durability: should be replaced every 3 months
A larger surface area lets it grab more particles, making it a good mix of performance and value.

Type: Electrostatic
Material: Electrostatically charged polypropylene
MERV rating: 7-12
Cost: $5-25
Durability: should be replaced at least every 3 months
Your best bet. The charged fiber capture everything from mold to smoke - especially good for allergy sufferers.