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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How To Avoid Terrible Belly Bloating

Wonder how you could stop the swell? Here are some tips:

Avoid chewing gums, bubbly beverages and using straws. They bring air to your bowel causing your belly to puff up.

Minimize your fiber intake since we can have trouble digesting excessive fiber intake. The extra builds up in the colon, ferments and create gas. You can gradually introduce fibrous foods in your diet like bran and lentils to find your tipping point.

Have a yogurt which has microorganisms that aid the growth of good bacteria in your gut and can fight out unfriendly bugs that cause digestive distress.

Your body can absorb only limited amounts of fructose, a sugar in most fruits, so skip high fructose corn syrup. Just like fiber, excessive fructose ferments in your colon causing gas.

Get moving such as jumping, walking or running as it gets gas moving through the digestive tract.