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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love Letter That Works! ;)

In today's modern age of texts and tweets, love letters seem to be considered as a lost form of art, but nah!...because there are still more than words to say which can't be said in 140 characters or less.

A love letter can make your partner more adored. It's one way how you can be more specific and personal and the less likely that you are to end up with a page of cliches. You are free to include few sensual tidbits about her physical descriptions but avoid anything too hard-core.

Use a good pen and nice kind of paper, and start making it through your own handwriting which is more personal. You can write a first draft on scrap for any spellings and cross outs checks.

A very good quality of a love letter doesn't need to fill pages. Even a line or two of hearfelt notes on a post card can still be wonderful!

You can't go wrong writing and sending a love letter on Valentine's Day, but the romantic power of sending one anytime is truly priceless!