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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beating Cold Virus & Stopping Its Tracks!

An average adult can get 3 colds per year according to a research, and it lasts an average of 9 days. But stopping a cold before it hits you again would be the best way, don't you think?

As soon as you feel the symptoms, start drinking a lot of fluids. it helps cut down sore throat and stuffy nose.
You can also gargle with salt water to help relieve scratchy throat. (Add half tsp. of salt to a warm glass of water. This helps flushes out bacteria and viruses.
Keep your nose clean right after cold symptoms appear. Take hot shower as well, in which the warm moisture helps clear nasal passages.

Within the first 2 hours afte you have the symptoms, take a pain reliever such as acetaminophen to fight off achiness. You can as well take OTC allergy meds that would help relieve runny nose and watery eyes, or allergy meds such as Claritin D to help clear your sinuses.

More than 6 hours after the symptoms, take a bed rest as much as possible. If you can't skip work, just be sure to keep limited distances with your co workers and wash your hands regularly or use an alcohol-based disinfectant gel.
Continue taking more fluids such as water, juice or tea and get chicken soup for lunch.

At the end of your day, eat dinner rich in protein-packed foods such as fish, beans and lean meat with a wholegrain plus a lot of antioxidant-rich veggies. Take hot shower before bed if you still feeling stuffy.

On your next day, you should feel better. If you feel worst like you develop vomiting and fever or develop an increasing headache, call your doctor because it might be something other than cold. You may need an antiviral injection or other treatments if due to flu or infection.
Otherwise, keep up doing the routines for the next few days just to be sure you've kicked out that cold for good. :)