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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How To Wash A Wool Sweater Properly

Before washing one, here's what you need to keep in mind. It's better to check the label for the garment's fabric content rather than the care instructions. Sometimes, even if the label says "dry clean", you can still handwash it as long as the primary fiber is wool or cashmere.

Here's how to wash your wool sweater:

Fill a basin with cool water and add 1 tbsp. of mild detergent, bleach-free. Swish water til it creates suds then place your wool sweater into the water until it completely is wet. Let sit for 10 minutes while detergent breaks down soil. Don't scrub or stretch the sweater as it can damage the shape and fibers.

Take the sweater with your hands out from the water and gently press a few times (don't wring it), to remove excess water. Empty the soaped water and refill it with with cool water. Put the sweater into the water and rinse by swirling the sweater in the water. Repeat this process until no more detergent remains in the water.

Take the rinsed sweater and gently press to remove water, then lay it on a white or colorfast towel that has been spread on a flat surface. Put another towel on top of the sweater so that it is sandwiched between the 2 towels.
Tightly roll the towels starting from the top downward together so they'll absorb most of the moisture in the sweater.

Unroll and take the sweater, then lay it on the 3rd towel spread on a flat surface and away from sunlight and heat (to keep the wool from being brittle). Gently reshape the sweater, extending the arms and buttoning, if necessary. Lety it dry. You can touch up wrinkles by turning it inside out and iron on low heat with steam. Be sure you have to first test it on a small area to avoid burning.