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Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Mirror Can Be Inspiring!

There are a lot of things that might get into your mind upon reading the title of my post today...right? Perhaps, some of you would say it's true, but to some they find it disgusting.

But come to think about it...mirrors are everywhere and are mostly common in every household. For me, a mirror is one essential aspect inside the home. I have it in the bedroom, study area, kitchen, and even in the bathroom. Why? Because it inspires me when I see myself looking good and smiling, lol! Call me crazy, but it's true. I can see myself in it crying too, but it's still part of being inspired, you know!

I have a house in the Philippines and currently I am still trying to remodel my bathroom. And honestly, so to speak, the only thing lacking in there is a bath mirror. There should be no problem getting one, that I know ;). But I still need to figure out something on the wall to hang the mirror since I can't get a standing mirror due to space constraints. The old mirror I got broke because the hanging piece were not able to support it.
It would be the next project I would be doing this November. :)