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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Avoiding The Monstrous Plastic Piles at Home

Is your kitchen looking like more like a plastic warehouse full of piling plastic containers everywhere? Ahhh....I've been there! It came to a point where every cabinet I open is full of plastic containers that I never use. When a time came that I have to put some more important stuff in there, I couldn't find any place at all! Well, it pays to have a good reorganization (and disposing those that I don't need).

Those that I no longer used were put in a big recycling bin, for a good cause ;). Also, you might already want to toss those that are scratched, damaged or warped plastic which can leach chemicals to your food.

Food containers are for deep drawers to avoid chaos in the drawer. If you don't have drawer space, use shallow shelves.

Stack them by shape, one area for horizontal shapes with lids vertical beside them.

Store like materials together. All sandwich containers in one drawer (you can include lunchboxes with them provided space is enough), while Pyrex dishes can be stored with other casserole dishes. This is the best defense method against out-of-control container drawer.