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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Be Safe At Home!

Don't allow your home to be an easy target of burglars. And you can stop thieves from breaking without actually spending thousands of dollars to secure it completely. You can get some tricks and tips at the same time which can be helpful for you and your home.

Let them know you have an alarm. Advertise them on your yard or a decal in a window - or do it both! Thieves won't dare going in a house that has an, you get the idea? :)

Get a threathening sign that says "Beware of Dog" to do the trick. Burglars don't wanna mess with a dog as well.

Thieves mostly don't use force in getting inside the home. They walk in through unlock doors and, better be sure, always lock up!

Try beefing up your doors to ensure it won't budge without your key. Install a deadbolt that at least an inch long and add a solid-brass strike plate secured with 3-inch screws that go all the way into the studs.

Fortify your windows and protect older glass with laminate film which makes it harder to break. You can also get a wood dowel inserted in the slider track which allows airflow during summer while preventing the window from opening enough for a person to fit through.

Never let your garage doors remain unlocked. It can become a hidden enclave for thieves to take their time and use your tools to get into your house.

Make your home looks like someone is inside if you are out. Try putting your lights on a timer so that they switch on while you're out.

Trim bushes that are infront of your house and prune them back from the door and below window level. Trim climbable branches from mature trees close to your house as well.

Motion detector lights can also help adding the feeling of being watched when they illuminate a porch or your yard. It can stop a thief from crossing that line from the street to your home.

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