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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Guide To Choosing Your Perfect Shapewear!

Many women who have trouble losing weight are getting one option to make them look thinner...buying a shapewear! ;) This can also help them make their clothes fit and hang better.

So, if you are on to choosing one, better know the tricks :)

First, try to pick ones that are slippery with shiny finish rather than choosing a matte one. This will make your clothes glide over it.

Don't be tempted to get a too tight undergarment because if it squeezes your flesh in one area, it would pop out in, that's horrible looking! So, if you're between sizes, go up rather than down. Too small sizes make your shapewear ride up or bunch.

Know your purpose on why you're getting one. If you want to flatten your belly, choose a seamless underpants or high-waisted thong. Those camisoles with built-in bras will help take care your back bulges or a muffin top. This is also great choice if you are concern about a visible waistband.
If the problem is your thighs or your butt, get the shorts and make sure they don't have a big ridge of elastic at the thigh area.