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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Treasure Box?"


Actually, it's not a treasure box but a photo box that was a gift to us by our friend Barbara on our wedding. I haven't seen it for 2 years because it was hidden inside my closet. While I was rearranging my wardrobe, I saw it hidden underneath my clothes and so I took it out and placed it on our bedroom table. I didn't know I put some things in it and I was even surprise to see these things :))


Some bundles of pesos that I brought way back from the Philippines the year 2006. I counted it and reached to 11,000 PHP bucks!! See how heaven pours its blessings. I am aware this is not spendable in America, but I'm gonna be strolling at Mall of Asia, either later this year...LOL! Definitely, I'll be going back home again. Hhmmm, it's always good savoring Pinoy foods huh? :) least once a year is more than enough. I can't complain, hahaha...