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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The DO's & DONT's For Grilling

You can be a pro when it comes to BBQing without going to a formal school! :) It's just a matter of getting aware of the do's and dont's that you should follow when you're on the grill.

The DO's:

As you start placing your meat on the grill at a diagonal angle on the grill grates, time your turns. Wait for 2 minutes before you turn the meat in a quarter-turn clockwise manner. Wait another 2 minutes then flip and repeat on the other side.

During the last 10% of your cooking time, apply on liquid glazes on your meat. If you put it too early, they will turn your food into a charred mess!

Have enough reserve of ready-to-go briquettes as a ready replenishment for your charcoal fire to enable you to keep grilling at a desired temperature longer.

Segregate your skewers like for instance when you make kebabs, place one type of food on each skewer, such as onions on one, meat on another and so on..this is to cook the food in perfection. This will also make the meat achieve a more roasty flavor.

When your fish breaks into clean flakes, it means it's done.

Give the meat time, at least 3 minutes for smaller ones, and 10-15 minutes for bigger cuts after removing them from the grill to allow the juice to redistribute evenly. If you slice it right away, all of its flavors will run unto the cutting board.

The DONT's:

Don't forget to marinate your food. It's good to marinate them in a mixture that contains yogurt, lemon juice or vinegar/wine that helps tenderize the meat and fat like vegetable or olive oil which can help them moist during the grilling.
Place fish, shelllfish and small pieces of chicken meat in the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes; chicken breasts-1-2 hours; thick steak-4 hours; and overnight for big cuts like pork shoulder, prime rib, brisket, etc...

Avoid overcrowding. Give spaces for food evenly on the grill - at least 2-3 fingers width in between.

Avoid flattening the food using a spatula which can cause the tasty juices to come out.

Don't overdo the ribs to the extent of almost falling off the bone. They are best if there's a bit to chew left to them. They are ready when they can be torn apart with your fingers.

Avoid burning the skewers by resting the exposed ends on a piece of foil folded 3 times and placed on the grill.

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