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Friday, January 4, 2013

Almost 2 Months in the Philippines!

How time flies, and I will be on my 2nd month here! Although I am still enjoying my time here, I miss US home once in a while, and I miss my husband sooo bad! :( On the other hand, this is a very rare chance to be with my family  this long. I wouldn't be sure when's the next, or will I be ever to do it again this long? So, I am enjoying the remaining days before it ends. It comes  worth cherishing to me when we are all having hang outs together...watching movies together at home, laugh together, being emotional (at times), getting wierd at times, etc..., and eating all kinds of food all the time! LOL!

I still have 11 days wait before I get to see hubby here. Then, I would be much happier, and the time spend together with the family will double much the fun, I'm sure ;).

I know, I haven't been active online lately. I felt, I am too exhausted to think on what's to write about, lol! I have so many things in mind, but I just can't start pushing myself on to sit and write. Maybe because I do think of many things I get to do or where to go at It's like that feeling wherein your emotions are set to spending more hang outs together rather than writing.
I think that's the difference between me living in the US and staying here. I tend to write more often while in the US...probably because I spend myself mostly alone at home most of the time. Here, I am spending a lot BIG time with 7 - 9 people most of the time. No dull moments! But I get to be a financer to feed them too, and then headache will visit me once in a while because of budgeting...gosh, it's tough being a momma of 9 kids! hahahhaa!

I barely got a little more than 3 weeks before I will go back with hubby to the US. But I don't wanna think about that yet. I will instead think and look forward spending more time with the family with the hubby around...I feel much more comfortable and relaxed when he's with me. :)