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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Keeping Your Gym Stuff Germ-Free!

You might be aiming for your body being healthy and fit, but did you know that you still can't be safe with the germs that you bring home from the gym, without even knowing it?

Locker rooms and gyms are the perfect hide outs for various germs like bacteria, fungi and even viruses which love moist and warm environments. So, it is always smart to stock up on germ-fighting goodies too.

If you own a gym bag and constantly use them in going to the gym, be sure it has dividers that separates your damp clothes from your dry ones. It's also good to wipe down your bag with disinfectant sprays or antibacterial wipes.

Be sure to shower off with antibacterial soaps before leaving the gym and to leave germs behind!

If you need to use a yoga mat, be sure to bring your own because those that are being borrowed are rarely cleaned.

Always use sanitizer with you while in the gym. It was found by a recent study that 3/4 of gym equipments were loaded with viruses and even wiping them down twice didn't help much.