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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Smart Ways You Can Save On Your Home Costs

With the slumping real estate market situation, contractors will do everything to strike a good deal just to get your business. Basing on a survey by a consumer review website, 81% of contractors said they would negotiate on labor costs. Landscapers and house cleaners are also cutting rates.

So, first way on how to save would be to get multiple price quotes. If you can be flexible about the timing of your project, you'll likely to have the most bargaining power. If in case that the builder wouldn't be dropping his price, check whether he will upgrade you to higher-end fixtures.

Try to trim the cost of borrowing by requesting a good-faith estimate before you apply. This way you can save on closing costs. You can as well negotiate any fees the lender charges. This way, you'll have the most wiggle room on adjustable-rate and jumbo mortgages.

Get a deal on furniture. Usually, sales slow in the summer where many shops will make deals to move inventory. You may want to ask for 20% off but don't settle for less than 10%.
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