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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Treating Your Windows With A Good Washing!

Windows are mainly for the purpose of looking out and see what's happening to the outside whether good or bad.  I consider it an essential aspect in a home. Well, just imagine a home without windows! 

My home is equipped with glasses on its windows. There are times when they really become so dirty making them obscure the sunlight coming in. I usually let the sun come in during early mornings especially in the bedrooms.

Don't forget washing your windows (if yours has window glasses). To do it, you can always use a soapy water and sponge it, then use a squeegee to remove extra water.
Use horizontal strokes on one side of the pane and vertical strokes on the other side. This way, it will be easy to make streaks easier to see.

If you see small scratches on them, buff them out with toothpaste.

If there are still sticky labels on them or you see paint specks, dampen and then scrape them off with a plastic razor blade.

You can then have a crystal-clear glass windows in a snap!...Good as brand new! :)