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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Do Your Little Kids Practice Basic Etiquettes?

Today, while I was in a public restroom, there was a lady infront me and another one at my back. The line was getting long and all the rooms were occupied, so the line got a bit longer.
At the end of the line came a mother with her 2 little kids. After a few minutes, 2 doors swung open and became vacant. It was suppose to be for the lady in front of me, and then me.

The first door that became vacant was at the end, so the lady was aiming for that, while the door at the middle was where I went. It was in a matter of seconds that the younger kid went running to get the door at the end, and she went in as fast as a bullet! (Take note that they are at the end of the line!)

The lady in front of me said...."really???" Am I inline?" I was caught by surprise that the mother of the kid did NOT even reprimand her kid at the second she started running towards that door! I was already inside the room and I can hear the mother saying her very delayed "sorry". I heard her talked to the lady and was sounding apologetic, fine, she asked apology. But the fact that she could have still told her kid to stop running and let other people in front of the line go first should be a matter of concern. I wasn't sure if she told her kid the proper thing to do when waiting in line after she used the bathroom.

What the kids show reflect on how the parents' manners are! It was just ridiculous seeing like that in America, knowing that most kids are trained to practice basic and simple etiquettes like least in my neighborhood that I have been for 7 years, I haven't seen any kid behave like that in public places.

Parents, watch out for your kids! The more your kids are trained to practice proper ethics during their younger years, the more they stick on to them and practice them until they get old.

If you happen to see more kids behaving improperly, nothing could come up into your mind and wonder..."where have all those proper etiquettes gone??? Isn't that alarming?