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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Closing The Deal!

We finally were able to have our mortgage closing deal done! From the time we applied and on to the processing, it was more or less a little more than  week. This is our 3rd mortgage refinancing with Quicken Loans to lower our payment. The signing was done at home by the company's representative, so it was just convenient for us. 

We will start our new first payment with this company in May, and we also had lowered our payment with an amount difference of $550. Big savings for a year if you would sum it out!

There would be no increase until after 7 years. We thought we would be moving before that year anytime soon, since the hubby is close to retiring. It is either that we will be getting a smaller home or staying longer in the Philippines (if not for good.)

There will be a refund for us awaiting from the mail...whew! Thank you Lord!