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Sunday, April 21, 2013

I Need The Low Carb Grocery!

Few months ago, my doctor found out that I had a high blood sugar, way back while I was having my vacation in the Philippines. After her brief interview on me, she then advised me to lower my carbohydrates intake...and yes, I was so guilty having huge intakes of carbohydrates in my diet those previous days before my blood works were done! Bad indeed! :(

I was further advised to go back to her after a month to check on my blood works again. It was just like a big challenge for me because I love to eat rice. In the Philippines, a meal wouldn't be complete without a bowl of rice on the table...and I eat lots of it. Lol! But, of course, this time, I thought discipline is the key.

I didn't have any single idea that I can find low carb foods online. But this one is a perfect link I shouldn't miss! So, I am bookmarking it. I do shop online often, so I thought, why shouldn't I be shopping for grocery this time? I would be calling it a grocery shopping  the healthy way! Thanks a lot for the link. ;)