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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The "Little Helper"

My niece, Martina

It's just so heartwarming to see little kids grow as they show interest in helping do household chores. Whenever I see little kids as young as her doing chores in their own little way, I can see myself in them. As early as 6-7 years old, I was taught by my mom to do basic things in the kitchen such as washing the dishes. And those were the days where most of the chores we do at home are all done manually. No dishwashers, no washing machines, no rice cookers, no electric stoves, etc...

Good job for my niece Martina for helping her mom. According to her mom, she pretty much is slowly learning how to iron clothes. ;) Those are just but ideal things for her to practice and chores would be added as she grows older...:).

Oh, and look at those sandals! Good balancing will just do the trick!