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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Balikbayan Box # 5"

Last week, I finally was able to take a quick shot about what's happening with my balikbayan! So, the items are still on the floor, and I haven't opened the box yet. I know I am trying to be as prompt as possible with regards to sending it home soon, but I still don't have time to check the list for additional items. I have to make sure the box will be full and intact.

It is always of highly importance to look and check for any spaces in between when sending your items through a big box such as this, because spaces are not allowed!...LOL! It's like every space is as costly as gold, you know ;). That being said, I have to wait for more days until such time that the box would be completely full.

I bought 2 big boxes and they came with 2 smaller brown boxes (free). Cool :).

So, now, I can't still say I can send these so soon. But the things would be for my house in the Philippines. Items are not really so badly needed, so it might take a while before either one or two boxes would be dispatched. I am sending additional bed sheets and more kitchen stuff. Whenever I get the chance to roam around, I just do random shopping in stores for more items.