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Friday, May 3, 2013

Designed Postcards To Send For Special Occasions

Every year, I and my husband receive lots of cards during Christmas. It starts as early as 3rd week of December until post Christmas. Some friends and families of ours do usually send a post card-type, with their family photo on it and a special greetings on top and sometimes with a calendar for the next year. I find that a cool design instead of the usual ordinary Christmas card we see on the stores. 

 So, I thought of doing it too for this year's Christmas and holiday occasions ;). I was just browsing on where I could get a resourceful link for printing and customized designing for that, and it was such a perfect timing to note that there is a cheap postcard printing where it could lead me to choose those sites that offer what I need. That's nice to know. At least I can bookmark them somehow so as not to lose them in sight.
I might start designing as well. Christmas is way too far yet, but I can use some designs for birthdays too!