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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Overwhelming Mails!

While I was in the Philippines, a month after, my husband was so ecstatic sharing me this photo! So, this one is actually the mails I received in a month! These are catalogs and magazines that come in the mail. I can actually receive 2-3 mags or catalogs daily, not to include some other  spam mails. And oh yeah, I also get spam mails from the postal mail, not only on my email :(....the usual spams like credit card offers, insurance quotes, bank offers, etc...

After two more weeks, I got this high stack!

If  you are an avid readers of magazines such as RedBook, Essence, Travel & Leisure, Cosmo, Wired, Health, Money..., I got them all! The fact that they are quite pricey at the magazine stands, I receive them for free! ;). This is a signed up subscription for my miles that I got from my plane trips. They usually expire in certain months and so before they expire, I subscribe as to what they offer, depending on the airlines I have miles with. So, they offer tons of magazines.

I don't even read these...I do quick scans of their pages then off to the recycle bin. They are still brand new for a month and they are already landing on my bin.
I have decided that I won't be subscribing anymore...somebody might need it more than me, and another thing is they are crowding my shelf. Whew!