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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Food Tents

Finally, I was able to find a type of food covers online. I thought I can send these to the Philippines for food cover protection. These food tents are interestingly designed. It came in a long box, in 3 different sizes...(small, medium, large). They look like the above photo when opened. It is made with white screen cloth with smooth texture. I just stacked them up to see the sizes, wherein the small size is on top, and the large one at the bottom :).

They can be opened and fold like an umbrella. But two of them have some small beads on top of their tip when you open them, and the beads have to be pulled upwards to hold the cover open. Then pulling them upwards again will close the cover. It was kinda tricky at first for me to figure out how to hold it open, as there was no manual for instructions given when I received them.

Anyway, quite ideal to protect open foods on the table against flies and ants and bugs. They are mostly common in the Philippines. My dirty kitchen doesn't have screens and the preparation table is usually where food can be while being cooked. I have a small kitchen inside which are free from flies, but ants are persistent bugs...they are just popping out anywhere! A small container stand filled with water usually does the trick, with a food cover!...Voila! No problemo :).