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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Got My New Curtains!

I have been recently searching for curtains that would be much thicker and can block direct sun coming through my windows during the day. Direct sunlight always hit my window on my office room which is quite glaring and would be too hard for me to see my PC screen while I work.

I got so many curtains that are printed and lacey (which are my favorites) because I love colorful designs which I can match  with my wall or furniture ;). But I thought they are only for windows which are not directly hit by the sun. They are mostly flimsy and see through, mostly like sheer curtains..not ideal for blocking sunlight.

I finally was able to buy this online and is lined. It's a grommet curtain and a thermal drapery. Since I only got   a narrow window, I bought a single panel which luckily fits the entire window width...thank God for tape measures! ;) And, I was able to get a color close to my light green wall color. A good match! Am happy with it. No more sun, and no worries at night which covers my privacy as well, while I work late on my night shifts, hahaha!

On the other hand, I got another 2 panels thermal draperies for my windows at the bath tub area, fronting the shower room. I used to have blinds on them but they broke and all the panels were falling down. It would be cheaper putting curtains on them rather than buying 2 new blinds. I couldn't get a different color other than mocca, but since it's a plain color design, it wasn't bad!

They are on my windows now, and am contented!

Privacy secured as well...whew!