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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wall Accent ;)

I got this picture from my sis-in-law who manages my house in the Philippines while am away! :) She was telling she finally managed to hang the photo frame and she was letting me know if she placed it the way I wanted it. I told her it's very perfect. 

I actually would prefer calling it a "wall accent" as it was a perfect accent on my apple green-colored wall. There is actually a story behind this painting. (actually, there were 2 of them.) The other one is still waiting where it could be hanged!

The paintings were bought by the hubby  9 years ago during his first visit to meet me in Iloilo. That was when he was still my fiance' ;). We saw this guy carrying rolls of painting and offered us one. He successfully convinced my husband and we found ourselves checking the guy's painting one at a time. I am not fond of paintings, but his designs were all attractive. So he let me chose 2. It costed like $30.00 each for the paintings. It's a pastel painting made on a fabric.
And would you believe, these paintings were still rolled and never been touched since we bought them? It was placed in a drawer for 8 long years!

It was only late last year that we were able to find a framing shop there, we got a good price with a good frame design. 
These are but few of those things with a sentimental value and are worth keeping.