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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Big Bucket Back Up!

I still recall my 2-month stay in the Philippines last year. As much as there were lots of fun hanging with my family and some friends, there were still some annoying experiences as well. I know these are no longer new to me since I've lived in the Philippines practically most of my life.
You know, there are things that sometimes "don't work" and services not so good, so to speak!

So, one day the water supply at home suddenly stopped running. I got 2 toilet and baths in my house, and we were 8 in the house. Just imagine a toilet being used by many people and there is no water to clean it. Sinks starting to stink, dirt everywhere coming inside.

It was so devastating...the management of the housing community didn't inform us about what was happening. I went to their office only to find out that there was a blackout and that the water company that supplies the water in the area can't pump up water because it relies mainly on electric service.

Well, no back up generator or something...just useless to ask those things because it won't help solve the problem. What else is new?

So, got to run to the store and I got 3 big buckets. This pink one was placed in my bathroom, the other 2 were placed in the other bathroom downstairs and in the kitchen.

We were "waterless" for 2 days, so I had to find a water shop that sells drinking water by gallons. I had to make the cars go several trips back and forth to load and unload gallons of water. And I had to spend out more money for those! Ugh!

It's kinda tough at times because it's not easy taking care a house in the Philippines and at the same time I got a house here in the US to care as well. I still love and enjoy staying in my own native land...I just have to be prepared for the things that can happen bad just in case.

Oh 'atta life! :)