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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

High Quality Bath Sinks That Are Worth Your Money!

Since I and my husband purchased a house in the Philippines, it made me develop an interest in checking up many home accessories, including all home fixtures be it in the kitchen, bathrooms, patios, outdoor home decors, etc... In fact, we had remodeled our bathrooms and sinks recently, including some parts of our home like our outdoor patios and flooring. It was a burden in the pocket at times, but we have seen the final results, we were happy and we thought our money spent was all worth it. 

It was tough choosing those things that were to be replaced, because we wanted to be sure they are durable with good quality materials. I can say we were able to replace good quality bathroom sinks on both of our bathrooms upstairs and downstairs. It was also a bit of a challenge to look for those good quality bath sinks as we hop from store to store since online selling is not being done in the Philippines when it comes to this type of purchases. 

How I wish I could just have ordered online here in the US, but I didn't feel like risking for the shipping internationally. I know I can get better quality and lots of choices here, but I am not sure how compatible the model would it be. It is also a bit pricey doing it, so I thought I can easily do it with our home here when time comes.