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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Scarf Hanger Organizers

It has been a while for me having a tough time consuming job keeping my stuff in a closet. My closet space is so much limited so that every year, I usually give out my old clothes for donation. I actually feel better doing that way for a good cause and tax-deductible too! ;)
So, I guess I consider it fairly done. And of course, there's the feeling of great fulfillment too, knowing my stuff will benefit the less fortunate.

But much of some of my other clothing accessories that I love are worth keeping like scarves or belts for instance. The truth is, I am unconsciously buying more of them whenever I get the chance to shop in the store, and I am ending up making a huge scarves collection in my closet! So, they pile up and they consume space that fast.

So, finally I was able to find some good and helpful scarf organizers online and bought 3 of them.

I have 2 organizers with the same kind that can hold 18 scarves each, and one with a different style and design that can hold at least 28 scarves.

To make the story short, problem solved! They are perfect space savers in my closet! I hanged them neatly without having them crammed on top of a cabinet space.