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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Managing My Mail Piles At Home!

I surely hate clutters! There are times that I organize a lot ofmagazines, books, paper stuff, etc...but wait a minute! They pile up so fast that in a matter of a few days, they can be as tall as my thick shrubs on my front porch, besides the fact that they occupy a large volume of space on my cabinet racks.

I used to subscribe magazines and collect shopping catalogs from the mail. In a matter of just a week's time, my rack would be full of them and I don't even have the time to read them all.

I stopped the subscription of magazines late last year, and I had to toss most of them out to the recycle bin every time they come in a bunch!
The subscription is free because of the miles I earn from plane companies. I get the option to choose to get free magazines of my own choice or let my miles expire. So, I got to choose the magazines.

Well, I don't have time to read, and so I thought it would be useless to have them and let them sit on a rack and see them pile up.