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Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Best Thing About Coffee...

One early Sunday morning, while on our way to church, we dropped by to get some gas at High's. This photo was taken (if I am not mistaken) last spring.

So, this was the sign that greeted us while on the gas station. We were actually in a hurry catching our time since we were running late for church.
But you know what is in a good sign, don't you? LOL! Good deal for a coffee lover.

I am not a coffee lover, but I am not a coffee hater either. (Although now, I am on a zero caffeine tolerance!) since  my anxiety level is getting so annoying nowadays.

So, I spent another 10 minute-wait for my husband to get one BIG mug of his coffee that morning. Just seeing him smiling with eyes gleaming over that huge mug of coffee is a pleasant day, with just a buck! :)