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Friday, October 18, 2013

The Dirtiest Things You'll Be Touching Today!

You might see them as ordinary things you meet and touch everyday, but did you know that what you think about those seemingly harmless stuff you handle often in a day can be 16,000 times more dirty than a toilet seat?...eeeewwww!

Here are some of the things you should be aware of:

> Your purse. Watch out for the bottom of your bag as it may have teeming with tens of thousands of bacteria. Germs and more germs attach themselves when you put your bag on the floor, - so try to keep it on your shoulder or lap. Also, opt for leather bags, because they are easy to disinfect with just a weekly wipe.

> Your Car Dashboard. Warm climates are ideal favorite homes to loads of bacteria, while cold areas are prone to molds. Use antibacterial wipes in cleaning your dash, headlight switch, radio and turn signal.

>Classroom/Office Faucet. An average classroom/office faucet handle can have about 32,000 germs per square inch, - according to National Science Foundation study. Teach kids to use paper towel while turning off the water after washing.

> Fresh Produce. Water mister spouts in the grocery store can also be filled with bacteria, which can get into your dinner when unwashed. Be sure to scrub veggies/fruits under cold water. Pat them dry before placing them inside your fridge.