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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Checking Up Your Emotional & Behavioral Health

Each of us has a uniqueness instilled in us. We are born differently, in the same way that we have different reactions to anything to any stimuli that would come through us as we deal with day to day lives.

For instance, we encounter various issues of how we confront stress, loss of a loved one, abrupt transitions in life such as job, relationships, disappointments, depression, etc. They become so overwhelming that when everything becomes too much, our capacity to cope becomes too much to bear and we feel helpless.
Been there, done that, and am still undergoing through it.

I found a link that seems to be helpful; - As I've mentioned, it depends on your level of coping. I can say mine is subtle, and I am slowly improving with my coping with a bit of self-help and advices. :)

But if you are looking for a New York Jungian Psycotherapy, you are so lucky enough if you are a New York-based. Check the link and you will be able to know more about Jungian Analysis. There are other resources you can read as well in order to help you cope up with New York Jungian Psychologists and analysts like Douglas Tompkins.

You can get in touch to schedule a consultation through their contact phone on their site or through email.
Live a life at peace through renewal and transformation. We all deserve to live a life to enjoy!