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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Last Night of Our Cruise!

Tonight will be a night of saying farewell! It was a 10-day full of fun and excitement, excellent food, friendly staff services, and awesome tours...what more can I say? I love Royal Caribbean! :)

So, we are just waiting for the farewell night show tonight at 6:30pm, then dinner after that.

It will also a night of busy packing, and this is the only part I don't like! But it's part of traveling, so it's understandable. Our 2 big luggages got heavier I guess because of some souvenir shopping we bought.

But the good news is that we already booked our next cruise for 2015. Next year, (2014)  is scheduled for our trip to the Philippines, so it's nice that every year there is one big event I always look forward too.

Happy! ;)