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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Learn To Live on a Bug-Free Home!

When bugs start to invade your home, just imagine how this can cause you thousands of dollars of damage to your property. So it is always an ideal key to prevent it or do early action to do something about it.

Here are some tips that can help just in case:

Avoid crumbs off counters and floors and keep food containers sealed tightly. But in order to win battle against pest attacks, you need to invest some effort and money as well.

Avoid damp locations because pests love this environment. So, be sure to check for leaky sinks, fridge and washers. Also, don't leave plants in trays of standing water, and if possible keep your pet's water bowls outdoors.

Seal cracks to avoid stinkbugs, termites and wasps coming in. If you got yard waste container or a firewood bin, locate it at least 3 feet from your home's exterior walls.
Also, keep your garden mulch at least 1-2 feet away from your home's exterior walls. You can DIY or hire a handyman and repair tears in doors or window screens, place caulk on holes in siding, repair all cracks on floors or porches and apply weather stripping around doors.

It's probably worth it to have a pro inspect your property regularly should you find out that termites/carpenter ants have invaded your neighbor's house. Costs often include some preventive treatments and you might also get initial consultation for free.

Know what kind of pests you're having. For instance, clusters of insect wings close to your windows and doors means you probably got termites, while piles of sawdust near your baseboards means carpenter ants are likely the culprit.
Check for presence of wasps sch as hives that might be hidden in the bushes and trees around your home, gutters, eaves and attics.

Be sure you know how much the cost to get rid of them. If you want to do it yourself, and you want to work on getting rid of roaches or wasps, sprinkle boric acid powder, insecticidal soaps or diatomaceous earth which is a fine white powder that dehydrates bugs under your kitchen cabinets, in closets and around the outside of your home.

If there are few stinkbugs just vacuum them, and try not to crush them...they stink! 

It's always a good idea though to call a pro if you have carpenter ants and termites. Their nests must be destroyed to solve the problem. This is done by applying products inside the walls. Depending on the extent of the problem, expect to pay several hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.
For termites, you might spend a few hundred dollars for a termite warrant policy or "termite bond" which can also include coverage for additional treatment in the event they will return someday.

Just take note that when you hire a pest control firm, make sure it offers "integrated pest management" - which focuses on prevention and uses more harmless pesticides.