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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On The 8th Day Before Christmas!...

So, after we arrived from our 10-day Caribbean cruise, the house was a mess and there were tons of chores to be done. Laundry, cleaning, online tasks, mail sorting to catch up for our bills due approaching, etc...

Then, with all the tasks on the list I made, I noticed there wasn't even a single Christmas decor at home. One night, I went outside the neighborhood, and the neighborhood was full of glitters on their houses, trees well lit, and outdoor lights blinking. So, I thought it's time to do my decors, outside first!
Then a snow storm came! Ouch! So, change plans! I had to ask help from hubby to bring in the tree so I can put it up. Of course, hubby said the tree looks better if I do it! Well, I don't actually mind decorating the tree alone, I enjoy it anyway :).

So, here it goes! I was able to put it up with all the decors. Oh, and the hubby helped me with the lights! (yey).

I also put christmas lights on the hallway upstairs. It was quite a bonus during nightime so I don't need to turn on the main light most of the time to save electric energy. lol.

Finally, I was able to hang out my two favorite stars outside the porch. It was freezing outside when I did it, but it was easy putting them on so it was not a big problem.
My house can be easily found during night time because of the dancing star lights. Nobody in the neighborhood has this, so I got the most unique light decor ever!

Merry Christmas everyone!