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Monday, December 30, 2013

Tree Has To Go!

Tree during Fall season

Bye tree!

So, it's now a little more than a month that we decided to put down the tree. It has been quite some help during the summer, but annoying during the know what I mean? Plus, it gets so bushy and thick at the peak of summer that it covers almost the front of our house which we find it unpleasant to see. Since it would probably be a couple more years before we will move out and sell our house, the presence of it will probably not an attractive sight for prospective buyers.

We hired That Tree Guy to cut it down, remove the roots and I thought of replacing it with a Japanese maple tree which will be more attractively colorful most of the season ;).

That Tree Guy did all the purchase and replanting as well, a bigger bill for all the work that has been done but all will be worth it later on. I'm so excited to see this tree grow with its colors. Too bad, a day after it was planted, the weather went below freezing, so I couldn't water it. I think it won't die anyhow, as the tree guy said it would be okay and doesn't need to be watered when it gets too cold. Of course, I tried turning on the garden faucet and the water was frozen..LOL!