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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Touched By An Angel Series Episodes!

Finally, I was able to find the complete season of the once famous TV series "Touched by an Angel". It was actually suggested by my husband that it is a good show when he borrowed the 1st season series from his brother. I was able to watch the very first episode, and I completely love the story! The rest is history!!

I can't stop watching every episode, that I haven't even got bored in every episode because it portrays a lot of moral and spiritual lessons based on a day to day life routines.

So, it was just too difficult to find them in the stores today, so I tried to look online. And yes!...Amazon has it. It was a bit pricey for the complete season series, but I thought it will be all worth it. I even got a discount after I ordered and completely reimbursed. Isn't that great?

I am now on the second season and on my 3rd episode....tons of episodes to go before I could finally finish watching them all :). It could take me a year and a half perhaps since I only get to watch when I and my husband's schedules are free for a day. These are our "movie dates" at home, so to speak.