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Friday, January 10, 2014

Two Boxes For April Vacation!

So, I thought of sending my 5th and 6th balikbayan boxes perhaps later this month or early February so it would be in time when I arrive Philippines. I have been putting some variety of stuff through these boxes to send something home, and they really help a lot...the reason why I travel light everytime I go home for a vacation ;).

The first box on the corner (above photo) has been there since summer of last year, lol! It was only around December that it got full and there was an excess, so I need to get another box to put the excess items on.

Now, I need to fill the 2nd box again before my due date of sending ends, so I can dispatch them in time for April. I was able to find some good deals for gift items. It's always a perfect time to buy those right after Christmas as many stores go on sale for as high as 70% off...I really get big savings for those!

Okay, so time to get back to work and get the 2nd box done! Whew!