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Friday, February 7, 2014

My Transparency Sundry Kit

I thought I can probably use it as a purse to put my personal travel stuff in it, then place it inside my wheeled carry-on, so I got one online.
But after a thorough look when I received it, it's really was designed for Oh, well!

Although it didn't serve the purpose why I bought it, t'was nice to have it for beach stuff. It's made of clear vinyl but durable plastic and ideal to use when I go through security checks when traveling. It also has a separate mesh compartment under its zippered cover lid, ideal for placing small, loose items.

Although it would have been better if the handle is on top instead of being at the side. But it wouldn't be a big issue for just toiletries, so it's still workable in any way. Can't wait for summer! ;)